Our origins date back to the first half of the 90′s. We started with the traditional ways of selling fresh fruits and vegetables in stall at the green market Bunjakovec. In the begening by renting a stall and then get a block of 6 stalls. Wishes to increase our work and professionalism was greater. In the first half of 2000′s, we decided to change the traditional way of selling fresh fruits and vegetables from stall to legal entities (restaurants and shops). Our vision was to establish a distribution chanel where we will go to the customer.
In 2003. we have established the company Gama International. Main activity of company is the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables.
In 2006. extepanding its operations in another activity, starting with the distribution of bread and bakery products in Tetovo (1 distribution vehicle) and Saraj (a distribution vehicle).
In 2007. the company has rented warehouse space and offices on str. Hristo Smirnenski no. 8 Skopje, where even today continues with its core business.
In 2011 in department of sale bread and bacery products has expanded its operations with including another distribution van in Tetovo.



The company today has 12 employees.
Distribution of fruit and vegetables – 4 vans
Distribution of bread and bakery products – 4 vans
Passenger cars - 2 cars





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